After Twitter suspended Azealia Banks‘ page for hateful tweets and racist remarks, the controversial Tweeter often uses her back up page (@Yemaya7777777).

Banks, who is never shy about dissing or discussing any celebrity, recently admitted she has a huge crush on Jay Z, and if given the chance to let him “smash,” she wouldn’t even think twice.

A fan also asked her what celebrity she regretted working with the most to which she replied saying, “Beyonce. She stood me up in the studio to go to the club and make sure Jay Z wasn’t cheating. #corny.”

Whatever the case, if either Jay-Z or Beyonce heard about this, they’d get a good laugh. Below are some of the tweets that initially got Banks banned from Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 11.04.50 AM


Source: Jay Z