Kanye West Demands Kim Kardashian Look Like Beyonce?

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Kanye West Kim Kardashian Beyonce Look Alike

By Shari Weiss

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Beyonce Look Alike

(Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

Kanye West demands Kim Kardashian look like Beyonce? A bizarre report is claiming is the rapper wants his wife to “mimic” the superstar. Gossip Cop can debunk this absurd story.

The article from Celeb Dirty Laundry begins, “Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair is back again. This time, though, there’s speculation that Kanye West might have something to do with Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair, as he’s often shown a preference for her lighter locks in the past.” The site goes on to write, “Many critics slammed the reality television star, calling her washed out and a fake plastic doll with her lighter locks while others have speculated that Kanye West loves seeing Kim Kardashian blonde, it’s only then that she reminds him of chart topper Beyonce.”

“Although Kanye West and Jay-Z are no longer best friends, mostly due to the rapper’s marriage to Kim Kardashian, it was long rumored that he had an obsession with Beyonce,” claims the webloid. “Whatever Jay-Z had, Kanye West wanted it, and that’s why he has slowly been trying to transform Kim Kardashian into a Beyonce look-alike, but with less than flattering results.”

Not only is this story ridiculous, but it also contains a glaring factual error. While the outlet asserts that West and Jay Z are no longer close, in part because Kardashian has come between them, they were actually all happily hanging out together after the VMAs on Sunday (see photo above). Not to mention, Kardashian was a brunette at the time.

If West is so obsessed with Kardashian being blonde and looking like Beyonce, as CDL alleges, why wouldn’t he have ensured her hair was that color for such a big night? That’s because, as said above, this story is absurd. Kardashian occasionally wears blonde wigs, and when she does, it has nothing to do with Beyonce. West is NOT trying to make his wife a “Beyonce look-alike,” and has loved her own unique looks since before they were even a couple.

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