is trying to turn his 2016 difficulties into a new album. An insider reveals that West is trying to turn all of the struggles he faced in 2016 into an inspiration for him to make music. The insider says that ‘s Paris robbery weighs deeply in West’s mind and inspires him to write lyrics about it. The rapper will reportedly also address his crumbled friendship with former BFFs and in his new music.

“Kanye is writing rhymes about Kim’s Parisian robbers, his meltdown on tour, recent hospitalization, his beef with Jay and Bey, and everything else he has been through in the last few months,” the insider tells . “The guy is a workaholic and has been using all of his painful experiences as inspiration to write new raps and lay down new music, he is feeling better and hard at work now working on new tracks.”

2016 was a rough year for West. The year started pretty good as he released a successful album “” that sparked a feud with as she was offended by a line mentioning her name in West’s song “Famous”. He also launched two collections of his “Yeezy” fashion line and held an art show in a Los Angeles gallery.

But the last 3 months of 2016 were disastrous as in October, his wife was robbed in Paris, followed by another controversy after he ranted about Jay-Z, Beyonce and even at his concert. It was soon followed by the cancellation of his “Saint Pablo” tour and his hospitalization for exhaustion.


Source: Jay Z