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Not only does every record she belts out rise to the top, her husband Jay Z is the producer who has grown hip-hop to what it is today. Hollywood sources have it that the Lemonade singer does not just subtly provoke topics that cause red necks to get all red faced, but she controls people’s careers as well.

 The unspoken rule in the entertainment industry is not to be on her wrong side or publicly be seen to be against her. Musicians who were doing very well but whose carers suddenly went dead in the water are said to have crossed Sasha Fierce the wrong way. These ladies were the proverbial ‘it girls’ when it came to hits, just where are they now?


She was known to be the queen of the nineties and getting her to sing your track was a guarantee for your song to hit the chats with a platinum label on it. Now, she is only a distant memory. This all changed back in 2003 when the media started comparing her to Beyoncé.

An unhealthy competition started brewing between them. It was made worse, when in the spirit of competition, Ashanti stopped rappers from working with the Grammy Award winner. She managed to get Ja Rule on her corner but lost everything else. Henceforth, her platinum singles became more of gold, then silver, copper …and then dust. It only took three years for Ashanti to get out of the game completely and for Beyoncé to soar higher.

Keri Hilson

Known to pen music that would fly off the charts, Keri Hilson’s star in a solo career was shining bright. Her 2009 hit Turnin’ Me On made the dream a reality. However, the victory was short-lived. This is because in typical black woman’s history, she had to get back at Beyoncé for releasing a song that they had worked on together.

She lashed out at Beyoncé in a remixed version of Turning me on calling her a mediocre artiste propagating that Jay Z’s wife’s biggest tracks were penned by her. I suppose the last statement on Beyoncé needing to sit down as her career was beginning to fade, came back to bite Keri. Thereafter, Keri’s career did fade and die.

Keyshia Cole

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