obama-beyonce-jay-z-rencontreRihanna and François Hollande have typed the talks on Thursday and Friday on Twitter. This is not the first musicians and presidents chatter.

The information has something to smile, so it seems unlikely, on paper. But you do not have dreamed: you saw Rihanna Hollande a chat on Twitter. It chattered education program, in summary. A much more serious part than the “my baby Benze” the singer for Karim Benzema but that’s okay, we still address the President of the Republic, hey, ho. You are surprised? Well you have no reason to be. For singers who chatter with presidents, it has already made. Recently. Especially in the United States.

We remember the meeting between Barack Obama and Kendrick Lamar, last year. The most powerful man on the planet, rap fan, moreover, stated in an interview with People that his favorite song of the year was “How Much Cost A Dollar?”. From the album To Pimp A Butterfly K-Dot. Perhaps Mr. President has found how to solve the economic crisis in the words of the song “How much is a dollar?”. The two men later met at the White House to discuss the importance of mentors in the life of an adult. it’s fine. Otherwise, Beyonce and Jay Z couple boyfriend as pigs with Barack Obama as they are regularly in the office of Prez. When Bey and Jay arrive at the entrance White House, they take off their shoes. It is like home. to return to Rihanna, at least, Francois Hollande will not touch it. not like Chris Brown. Soon NLP invited to the Elysee?

Source: Jay Z